Our vintage industrial racks, shelving and storage.........

All our shelving and racks can be made to measure....

Reclaimed steel & oak shelves 124cm h x 120cm w x 30cm d
Bespoke Ladder Shelves
Oak bakers rack cast iron wheels 104cm x 34cm x 162xcm h
Tall bakers shelves 220cm h x 100cm w x 38cm deep
Industrial old pine and metal shelves 120cmw x 124cm h x 30cm d
Industrial old pine & metal shelves 120cm w x 85cm h x 30cm d
Oak and steel shelves 120cmw x 30cm w x 190cm high
Cool rack 110cmw x 30cm d x 190cm high
Cool big oak rack on cast wheels 183cm w x 40cmw x 165cm h
cool rack
Cool garment rack oak & iron 72'' w x 16''d x 65'' high
Big rolling rack steel & oak 184cm h x 55cm d x 175cm high
Factory shelves steel & oak 120cm x 34cm x 194cm high
Industrial shelves steel & oak 183cmh x 123cmw x 35cm d
Garment rack on wheels 120cm w x 130cm h x 35cm d
Garment rack on wheels 183cmw x 130cm h x 35cm d
Clothes trolley, cast wheels oak shelves 184cm x 43cm x 177cm high
1940's heavy metal filing drawers rounded corners
Large rack 6' x 5'6'' h x 18'' d
Large rack 6' x 5'6'' h x 18'' d
Large rack 6' x 5'6'' h x 18'' d
Rack 120cm w x 375 d x 1900 h
French style bakers rack 41'' w x 13'' d x 72'' h
Oak & steel bakers rack 74''x48'' x 14.5''
Unusual rack 88cm x 32cm x 89cm high
Heavy rack on cast iron wheels 6' w x 5' 6'' h x 2' d
Factory trolley 90cm x 64cm x 106cm high
Factory trolley 106cm x 45cm x 104cm high
Handy metal drawers 37'' h x 11'' w x 16'' d 15 drawers @ 2'' deep
More metal drawers 39'' h x 12.5'' w x 16'' d 9 drawers @3.5'' deep
Big rack on old cast wheels 72'' wide x 62'' high x 21'' wide
Kitchen island? 28'' x 28'' x 36'' to top shelf
All metal rack with perforated shelves 74'' high x 41'' wide x 17'' deep
Industrial shelving 5 feet wide x 5 feet high x 11 inches deep reclaimed thick boards mouldings to legs
3 tier steel shelves27'' square x 38'' high
Cool cupboard from factory pigeon holes inside wine?? 18'' w x 19'' h x 20'' d
Industrial rack on 4'' wheels 5 feet high x 4 feet wide x 11 inches deep
Industrial shelving 4 feet wide x 5 feet high x 11 inches deep salvaged thick boards
Vintage style bakers rack 48'' wide x 78'' high x 17'' deep
Large industrial rack 60'' wide x 78'' high x 20 '' deep
Industrial rack 48'' wide x 60'' high x 20'' deep
Iron 3 tier shelves 24'' square x 36'' high
Pair of oak chests on iron stands
Steel factory pigeon hole drawers
Smokin hot oak radio shop drawers
Massive steel architects plan chest 1960's
Old butter churn legs with 18th century oak top 36'' x 26'' x 31'' high
Factory cart 34'' x 25'' x 31'' high old pine sheves
Heavy galvanised factory cart 28'' x 17'' x 9'' to platform, 38'' to handle
Cool wooden crate must have been used twice
The other end....